Felony Domestic Assault

People arrested for domestic assault can face felony charges if they were previously convicted of “qualified domestic violence-related offenses.” Felony convictions carry penalties that are far more severe than misdemeanor offenses.

In addition to lengthy imprisonment and substantial fines, alleged offenders can also become subject to orders for protection (OFP) that may result in loss of child custody and possible eviction from a shared home, among many other penalties. False allegations of domestic violence are unfortunately common during contentious divorce or child custody proceedings.

Lawyer for Felony Domestic Assault Arrest in Apple Valley, MN

If you were arrested in or near the Twin Cities for domestic assault and have been previously convicted of a domestic violence crime, it is in your best interest to immediately retain legal counsel. James Blumberg Law represents clients in Anoka County, Carver County, Dakota County, Hennepin County, Ramsey County, Scott County, and Washington County.

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Minnesota Felony Domestic Assault Information Center

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Felony Domestic Assault Charges in Dakota County

Under Subdivision 4 of Minnesota Statute 609.2242, an alleged offender who commits domestic assault or misdemeanor assault in the fifth degree within 10 years of the first of any combination of two or more previous qualified domestic violence-related offense convictions or adjudications of delinquency can face felony charges.

Qualified domestic violence-related offenses are defined in Subdivision 16 of Minnesota Statute 609.02 as violations of or attempts to violate any of the following:

  • Domestic assault by strangulation, Minnesota Statute 609.2247;
  • Domestic assault, Minnesota Statute 609.2242;
  • Female genital mutilation, Minnesota Statute 609.2245;
  • Fifth-degree assault, Minnesota Statute 609.224;
  • First-degree assault, Minnesota Statute 609.221;
  • First-degree criminal sexual conduct, Minnesota Statute 609.342;
  • First-degree murder, Minnesota Statute 609.185;
  • Fourth-degree assault, Minnesota Statute 609.2231;
  • Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct, Minnesota Statute 609.345;
  • Interference with an emergency call, Subdivision 2 of Minnesota Statute 609.78;
  • Malicious punishment of a child, Minnesota Statute 609.377;
  • Second-degree assault, Minnesota Statute 609.222;
  • Second-degree criminal sexual conduct, Minnesota Statute 609.343;
  • Second-degree murder, Minnesota Statute 609.19;
  • Stalking, Minnesota Statute 609.749;
  • Terroristic threats, Minnesota Statute 609.713;
  • Third-degree assault, Minnesota Statute 609.223;
  • Third-degree criminal sexual conduct, Minnesota Statute 609.344;
  • Violation of domestic abuse no contact order, Minnesota Statute 629.75;
  • Violation of domestic abuse order for protection, Subdivision 14 of Minnesota Statute 518B.01;
  • Violation of harassment restraining order, Subdivision 6 of Minnesota Statute 609.748; and
  • Similar laws of other states, the United States, the District of Columbia, tribal lands, and United States territories.

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Felony Domestic Assault Penalties in Apple Valley

A felony conviction for domestic assault is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000. As serious as those punishments are, there are many other consequences to being convicted of this crime.

As a felony offense, people found guilty of this level domestic assault is ineligible to have the offense expunged from their criminal records. Having felony level domestic assault on your criminal record can create extreme hardships for obtaining or even maintaining employment, as employers may be able to fire workers convicted of this crime.

Additionally, a felony conviction can also substantially impact a person’s basic civil rights. For example, convicted felons in Minnesota lose their right to own or possess firearms.

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Minnesota Felony Domestic Assault Resources

Domestic Violence | Dakota County — Learn more about domestic violence on this section of the Dakota County website. You can view the brochure, “The Hidden Crime: Domestic Violence,” and also find other documents relating to family violence, teen dating violence, and date rape. The website also provides tips if you have been abused by a partner or family member.

Dakota County Judicial Center
1560 Highway 55
Hastings, Minnesota 55033
(651) 438-4438

Cornerstone — Cornerstone is a Bloomington-based nonprofit violence prevention organization that helps adults and children traumatized by unhealthy, destructive relationships. On this website, you can learn more about the services Cornerstone provides. You can also find news, statistics, and a list of the locations Cornerstone has in Minnesota.

Main Office
1000 East 80th Street
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 884-0376

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Find a Lawyer for Felony Domestic Assault Charges in Dakota County

Were you arrested in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area for alleged domestic assault? If you have been previously convicted of a violent crime or other domestic violence-related offense, you will want to immediately seek experienced legal representation for help achieving the best possible outcome to these felony charges.

James Blumberg of James Blumberg Law is a criminal defense attorney in Apple Valley who serves Woodbury, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Eden Prairie, Coon Rapids, Brooklyn Park, Blaine, and many other areas around the Twin Cities. He will provide and honest and thorough evaluation of your case as soon as you call (952) 431-7758 or submit an online contact form today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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