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November 29, 2019

So glad I found James Blumberg Law! James was always very prompt returning messages. He let me know up front what I could expect from the process and the likely outcome in my routine legal matter. He then guided me through that process to the expected outcome with minimal anxiety or interruption to my life and all f the i’s were dotted and t’s crossed the first time – no need to go back again or do additional follow up. I would HIGHLY recommend James if you are in need of legal counsel!

Steph H
October 24, 2019

Working with Mr. Blumberg I found my case was thoroughly discussed. Then put into the legal processing.

If you are in need of legal service I’d advise James Blumberg .

May 9, 2019

I recently worked with James on my DWI Case. James was very helpful in walking me through the process and explaining my options. He helped me feel comfortable in a tough situation. He was very straight forward on what would most likely happen and that is all I could ask for in this situation. I would definitely recommend James to anyone I know in the future!

May 9, 2019

I was very nervous being first time ever charged, I wasn’t sure what to do or how to handle the situation. My wife called James and explained my situation to him. We scheduled the appointment with him and good thing about James, he started working on my case before even hiring him!!!

I felt the way James has handled my case, NO OTHER ATTORNEYS could have handle it!! He is very responsive, experienced, knowledgeable, honest, straightforward and always be with the client when needed. He explained what to expect during hearing and how to response in front of judge (I think, I hardly spend more then 2-3 mins in front of judge as he has taken care of everything before). Good thing about him that he knows the end goal and have several different routes to achieve the goal. Thanks James for your help!!!

May 9, 2019

James Blumberg is the best criminal defense Lawyer anyone could love to have on their team. He’s very patient, so professional and best of all he makes u feel relaxed. He work so hard for his client, there’s no hours of wait when in court. He’s smart, and every other peers respect him. I was so worry about my case, and God directed me to him. He make sure I wasn’t taking advantage of, and make sure I got the best deal that couldn’t effect my future. Thanks Mr Blumberg, u are the best???

May 9, 2019

My experience in hiring James as my attorney, very knowledgeable, displays confidence, listens to you to understand the facts, aggressive in defending you. James is always available on his personal cell phone by call or text and responds to messages timely. James doesn’t have a gate keeper assistant that prevents you from communicating with him, some attorneys have the gatekeeper which can be frustrating when your trying to communicate with your attorney. Overall I would recommend Hiring James as your defense attorney if you need one because he has the experience to defend you effectively and get favorable outcome.

May 9, 2019

James Blumberg was extremely professional and great to work with. As someone who had never been in a difficult legal situation before he helped put me at ease, guide me through the process and achieved the outcome I was looking for. He was extremely responsive and a great communicator. I would highly recommend James to anyone who finds themselves in need of legal representation.


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Mr. Blumberg was amazing to work with and answered any questions I had. He was very affordable and created a plan to help me out that was clear and timely. I highly recommend his service.
Charlie Jerry Google

First time ever cited or charged, so I was very anxious, particularly since the accusation was false. The first meeting James showed me he was on my side, indicating we will not accept the current accusation and he followed through, ultimately ending the ordeal with an adjudication. Thank you James.
An AVVO User Avvo

James was very professional and sensitive to our family's situation. He was always available and made a difficult issue easier then we could have imagined. I would highly recommend James!
Ben S. Google

James never let me down. He has always told me the truth, worked with me and goes above and beyond to help me out in my situations! I was very nervous going into court, James made me feel a ease and guided me through the whole process. He is a wonderful choice!
Rebecca Avvo

Came in and talked to Jamie and he didnt B.S. me. Straight shooter from the start. Did exactly what he said and got me the best possible outcome. I feel I was represented by my friend and not a lawyer. Thank you James
Ron Timlin Google

From the first time we spoke on the phone, Mr. Blumberg put me at ease. He was very proactive in helping me understand the entire process and helped me achieve a favorable result. Thanks, Mr. Blumberg!
Nicholas Moe Google

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