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James Blumberg is a criminal defense lawyer who has been advocating on behalf of clients facing criminal charges for more than a decade. He represents clients in both state and local courts facing misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor and felony charges. James Blumberg Law represents clients throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul region and the surrounding counties in Minnesota, including Dakota County, Hennepin County, Ramsey County and Anoka County. His office is located in Apple Valley, MN.

James Blumberg understands your situation, and he is willing to work with you on a payment plan. We can help you secure the dedicated legal counsel you need. Call James Blumberg Law at (952) 431-7758 to schedule a free consultation with our attorney today.

Experienced Former Prosecutor Fighting for the Accused

James Blumberg is a former Dakota County prosecutor who has extensive knowledge of both sides of the law. His previous experience in the Criminal Division of the Dakota County Attorney's Office has given him a valuable perspective when it comes to handling criminal offenses.  James understands how the prosecution works.

Now, as a criminal defense attorney, James uses his expansive courtroom knowledge to fight for his clients. He can detect weaknesses in the prosecution's case and use that to the advantage of his clients. This is critical when striving to have charges reduced or dropped. Protecting your freedom is important.

Comprehensive Representation in Related Matters

Criminal cases can have many facets. Oftentimes, criminal charges are the beginning of a lengthy interaction with the legal system. James Blumberg can help his clients from the moment they are arrested and charged with an offense.

Some criminal accusations, such as those related to domestic violence, can involve several other related legal matters. For instance, if a person is accused of domestic assault by strangulation, the victim in the alleged offense can file a petition for a protective order against the accused. This petition would limit the contact between the victim and the person accused of the offense.

While the accused may not be represented in a hearing for an ex parte order, he or she may be represented in a hearing for a permanent order. A dedicated criminal defense attorney can work with the accused on this issue, as well as his or her criminal charges. Any violation of a protective order also is a criminal offense for which James Blumberg can provide legal counsel.

Drug charges often involve search and seizure issues. James Blumberg can examine every aspect of your case to determine if the searching of your property was done so illegally. If your attorney can prove law enforcement violated the law with an improper search, any drugs used as evidence could be thrown out.

Practice Areas

DWI and Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Dakota County or anywhere in the Twin Cities area, the best decision you can make is to have an experienced advocate on your side.

Your freedom and your future are on the line. The sooner former prosecutor James Blumberg starts working for you, the stronger defense he can build. Call today for a free consultation.

James L. Blumberg

Skilled Legal Counsel in Minnesota DWI Cases

Minnesota has some of the strictest and most complex laws in the nation regarding drunk driving. People often think there is no way to challenge the crime, especially if they have consented to a chemical test and produced a blood alcohol concentration greater than the legal limit. Failing a DWI test, however, does not have to mean a conviction.

As a criminal offense, charges for a DWI in Minnesota must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Prosecutors and law enforcement must present sufficient admissible evidence to meet a high burden of proof. For instance, there must be reasonable suspicion for a police officer to stop a vehicle in most circumstances. If that does not exist, the entire stop — and any evidence found during the stop — could be considered invalid.

DWI attorney James Blumberg has experience in examining the validity of evidence, such as the results of chemical tests, used in these complicated cases. If evidence of impairment was obtained illegally, it could be thrown out.  This could mean having the charges reduced or dropped. Additionally, DWI charges can involve license revocation hearings, vehicle forfeiture and plate impoundment. All of these issues can accompany drunk or drugged driving charges. An experienced attorney can help you protect your license and property.

Finding the Best Dakota County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, James Blumberg can help you through the entire legal process. As a criminal defense attorney in Dakota County, James has successfully litigated and negotiated thousands of cases, and he can use his knowledge to provide you with valuable insight into the criminal justice system.

Call (952) 431-7758 to schedule a free initial consultation with James Blumberg Law. A conviction for a criminal offense could change the rest of your life. It is important to begin building a solid defense against the charges early in the process. No matter what charge you face, James Blumberg can help protect your name and your future.

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If you have been arrested or charged with a crime, fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your initial case review. All fields are required.

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James L. Blumberg

Attorney James L. Blumberg

James Blumberg served as a prosecutor in the Dakota County Attorney’s Office, where he tried cases against people accused of crimes. He now defends the rights of the accused in those same courtrooms, as well as courts in Hennepin County, Ramsey County and Anoka County. With experience on both sides of a criminal case, James Blumberg has the skills and the knowledge it takes to secure the freedom of those accused of DWI, drug charges and other offenses.

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